Men’s Health Hub

The men’s health hub is a group of professionals with a variety of skills, talents and experience working in, you guessed it, men’s health. We can help with your men’s health work in whatever way you can imagine.

Our services include: project management, research and project evaluation, training, lectures/talks, educational (and very amusing) comedy events, publications, websites, online and offline information and organisational development.  We work with the private, public and third sectors.

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Graham Rushbrook

Graham is a skilled, accomplished men’s health trainer. Whatever the group, he has the appropriately coloured shirt.

Jim Pollard

Jim is an award-winning writer, editor and designer. Your men’s health message clearly delivered.

John Ryan

John is an award-winning comedian who also works in men’s health. Even funnier than a digital rectal exam.

Peter Baker

Mr Men’s Health. No man knows more about the subject than Peter. True, there are 1 or 2 women…

Steve Robertson

‘Rigour’ Robertson provides a bridge between abstract ideas about ‘masculinity’ and the real world of men’s health.

Tracy Herd

Tracy is the project manager’s project manager – your men’s health project delivered from start to finish.

The main image on this site is Christmas Tree Of Marvels by JD Hancock. Thanks for making it available in the Creative Commons.